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K2 - Asian Laboratory for Design-Driven Innovation

K2 is a pioneering design lab based in Asia, as a collaborative initiative between Kyushu University Faculty of Design in Japan and id KAIST in South Korea, launching in the spring of 2017.
Harnessing the global networks of both institutions, the worlds leading researchers, designers, technologists, visionaries and philosophers, will come together to accelerate innovations, project visions and push creative education forward with a global perspective. Projects driven by K2 will be realized through the engagement of academia, citizens, industry and government.

K2 will launch an advanced project studio entitled ‘Designing Future Cities’, as a collaborative effort between Academia and Industry to envision the future of our cities. The studio invites Bryan Boyer as Director, who has a track record for conducting many urban innovation projects such as his work at the Helsinki Design Lab. Over the course of one week, Kyushu University, KAIST and students from notable International Universities will join with industry partners to reimagine our collective futures.

URL K2 website
Period 2017.01.13 〜 2027.12.31
Update 2017.01.13