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K2 Symposium 2017: Designing Future Cities

K2 Symposium 2017: Designing Future Cities was an international symposium open to the general public.

Opening with introductory remarks form the Dean, Prof. Akira Yasukochi followed by an overview of the K2 project by Assoc. Prof. Minako Ikeda, co-director of K2 and Special Assistant to the Dean.

Prof. Barry M. Katz from Stanford University and California College of Arts presented as keynote speaker ,Prof. Kun-pyo Lee co-director of K2 from id KAIST who presented on the topic of Design 3.0, and Mr. Bryan Boyer from Dash-Marshall who lead the K2 Winter School, The results of the work from the teams taking part in the K2 Winter School 2017 was also unveiled and discussed.

The city as an innovation ecosystem and the role of design labs were discussed from the perspectives of Silicon Valley, East Asia and more locally in Fukuoka, in terms of current situations and future possibilities.
Mr. Marco Van Hout who is the Program and Research Lead of the Media Lab Amsterdam, kicked off the discussion by showing recent activities such as the Global Goals Jam, which Kyushu University participated in. 
The above mentioned presenters were joined by Professor Yasuyuki Hirai, the previous Special Assistant to the Dean, and the conversation was moderated by Mr. Hiroshi Tamura, Co-director of K2, from Re:public Inc.

Period 2017.03.02 〜 2027.12.31
Update 2017.03.02