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International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Design Education

Facing unprecedented social change, Design continues to expand its boundaries. With expectations growing, change is due to the qualities possessed by those that profess Design, and the Design Education that nurtures them.
The International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Design Education is an emerging forum for debate that explores the tangible pathways toward our common futures with those in Education, Industry and Government. 

Date: Oct.21 [Sat], 2017

Venue: Conference Room- A, 3F Denki bldg. Kyosokan 
2-1-82, Watanabe-Dori, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka, 810-0004 

English / Japanese simultaneous interpretation
Registration fee: Free of Charge
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Symposium Emcee: Shigeki INOUE [Kyushu University, Professor]

9:30 - 9:35 Opening Remarks 
Yoshitsugu MORITA [Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University, Dean] 

Session 01 
Perspectives: Qualities of Design Education 
What will be the role of designers in the future? This session examines the past and present of Design education to discuss and envision its futures. 

9:35 - 11:10 Keynote Speech
Masakazu TANI [Kyushu University Faculty of Design, Dean] 
Tadanori NAGASAWA [Musashino Art University, President] 
Kun-pyo LEE [KAIST, Professor] 

11:10 - 11:25 Break

Session 02
Framing Design Education 
How can we structure design education to ensure its relevance to future social needs? Session 02 looks at the bold undertakings of leading Design Schools in Asia with a focus on systems and organization. 

11:25 - 12:00 Case study
Christian Gilles BOUCHARENC[National University of Singapore, Associate Professor] 
Guosheng WANG [Tsinghua University, Associate Professor] 

12:00 - 12:20 Question and Answer Session

12:20 - 13:30 Lunch 

Session 03 
Designing Educational Content 
This section focuses on the actual content of design education in Asia’ s leading Design Schools through case studies of innovative and future facing educational practice. 

13:30 - 15:50 Case study
Taketoshi USHIAMA [Kyushu University, Associate Professor] 
Tsuto SAKAMOTO [National University of Singapore, Senior Lecturer] 
Kenji TOKI [Miyagi University, Associate Professor]
 Chenwei CHIANG [National Taipei University of Business, Assistant Professor] 
Lu ZHANG [Dalian University of Technology, Senior Lecturer] 
Kenta ONO [Chiba University, Associate Professor] 

15:50 - 16:20 Break 

Session 04 
Future Agenda for Assuring Quality in Design Education 
What should Design Education do for the future? For our final discussion we aim to form a plan for action by presenting an agenda to assure the quality of Design Education. 

16:20 - 18:10 Discussion 
Theme 1 - What is important in design education in the future? 
Theme 2 – What is the most important goal that Design Education should achieve in the next five years? 

Tek-jin NAM [KAIST, Professor]
Eizo OKADA [Kyoto Institute of Technology, Professor] 
Puay Yok TAN [National University of Singapore, Associate Professor] 
Wei Leong LOH [Kyushu University, Assistant Professor] 

Minako IKEDA [Kyushu University, Associate Professor] 

18:10 – 18:15 Closing Remarks
Masakazu TANI [Kyushu University Faculty of Design, Dean] 

Kyushu University, Administrative Office (Design) 
Tel: +81 92 553 4410
Cohosts: Kyushu University Faculty of Design, Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University 
Supported by: Japan Institute of Design Promotion 

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