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SYMPOSIUM From Room to Region Age-Friendly Environmental Design and Planning in the Western Asia-Pacific

Introduction to the Symposium:
Population ageing is one of the most important international societal changes of the current era, with profound implications for social and economic policy as well for the design of the built environment at all scales including rooms, dwellings, neighbourhoods and wider metropolitan and rural regions. The need for age-friendly design at all these levels is also heightened by shifts away from family and institutional care for older people towards ageing in place, driven by both economics, the preferences of older people, and the recognition that independence, control and maintaining social participation is important for healthy and positive ageing. While the attention of researchers and policy-makers across this spectrum has been considerable, it is often fragmented and poorly coordinated between different design disciplines, bureaucratic systems and service providers.

This symposium will attempt to cover the breadth of environmental design and planning for population ageing, rather than merely the sum of its parts. It will include contributions from researchers from selected countries in the Western Asia-Pacific region including Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand organised as part of a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Design at Kyushu University and the Faculty of Built Environment at University of New South Wales.

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Period 2018.02.07 〜 2018.03.15
Update 2018.02.07