Journal Papers

  • Nakatsuji N, Ito H, Ihara H
    Differences in similarity of typefaces between experts and non-experts -- Concentrated on serif and sans-serif typefaces
    Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design 243, 21-30 (in Japanese)
  • Tsuchiya Y, Umemura Y, Minami Y, Koike N, Hosokawa T, Hara M, Ito H, Inokawa H, Yagita K
    Effect of Multiple Clock Gene Ablations on the Circadian Period-Length and Temperature Compensation in Mammalian Cells
    Journal of Biological Rhythms 31, 48-56 (2016)
  • Kawasaki Y, Ito H*, Kajimura H. (*corresponding author)
    Equilibrium frequency of endosymbionts in multiple infections based on the balance between vertical transmission and cytoplasmic incompatibility
    PLoS ONE 9, e94900 (2014)
  • Lu Y, Nishio K, Matsuda S, Toshima Y, Ito H, Konno T, Ishihara K, Kato S, Hashimoto K, Nakanishi S
    Regulation of the cyanobacterial circadian clock by electrochemically-controlled extracellular electron transfer
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 126, 2240-2241 (2014)
  • Nakajima M*, Ito H*, Kondo T.(*Equally contributed)
    In vitro regulation of circadian phosphorylation rhythm of cyanobacterial clock protein KaiC by KaiA and KaiB
    FEBS Letters 584, 898-902 (2010)
  • Ito H*, Mutsuda M, Murayama Y, Tomita J, Hosokawa N, Terauchi K, Sugita C, Sugita M, Kondo T, Iwasaki H*. (*Equally contributed)
    Cyanobacterial daily life with Kai-based circadian and diurnal genome-wide transcriptional control in Synechococcus elongatus.
    Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 106, 14168-14173 (2009)
  • Nakajima M, Imai K, Ito H, Nishiwaki T, Murayama Y, Iwasaki H, Oyama T, Kondo T.
    Reconstitution of circadian oscillation of cyanobacterial KaiC phosphorylation in vitro
    Science 308, 414-5 (2005)


  • 中辻七朗 伊藤浩史
    文脈効果を考慮した他の意匠の存在による類似度の変化 ––認知科学的見地に基づく意匠の類否判断の再検討
    デザイン保護法制の現状と課題 法学と創作の視点から 日本評論社 (2016)
  • Ito H
    A reconsideration of loss of circadian rhythms under low temperature conditions
    Dynamics of Circadian Oscillation in the SCN (Edited by K. Honma) (2014)



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