Living Environment Design Department

Department overview

The living environment surrounding us is faced with many social problems such a declining birthrate, a growing proportion of the elderly, and social poverty. In order to solve these problems, we need to promote self-governing activities among a diverse population and the realization of a convivial society that can increase people’s abilities to live.

This department conducts broad research on the design required for a better future society based on living environment design ranging from the design of products necessary for everyday life to artificial environments and the natural environment.

The faculty consists of professors with backgrounds in environmental design, architecture, and product design. It takes a design approach that combines social problems viewed through multiple perspectives of diverse populations with the findings of each research field and the related science and technologies. The department aims to strengthen collaboration with headquarters and internal and external partner organizations to industrialize and practically implement these research findings. In terms of education, it aims to promote talent in scientific and technological innovation through internationalizing education and the adoption of a design approach to ultimately develop a world-class design program.


Masahiro Kiyosumi Professor / PresidentBrand Design, Promotion Design and Social Communication Design.
Yasuyuki Hirai Professor / Division DirectorInclusive Design, Design Thinking、Office Design,Interior Product Design,Interior Design
Kenichi Tanoue ProfessorArchitectural Theory and Design
Tetsuya Ukai Associate ProfessorArchitectural  Design, Urban Design
Minako Ikeda Associate ProfessorDesign theory, Design history, Information Design, Editing Design
Yoshitaka Sugimoto Associate ProfessorIndustrial Design, Product Design
Toshiya Samejima Associate ProfessorAcoustical Engineering
Tomo Inoue Associate ProfessorPlanning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of the Building Process
Haruka Sogabe Associate ProfessorPublic Design, Industrial Design
Naoshige Akita Design Engineering, Inclusive Design, Product Design,
Tomohiro Sakotsubo Assistant ProfessorPublic Transportation Design, Industrial Design
Masahiro Takita LecturerLocal Design, Community Development, Community Design, Communication Design, Designing Education for Diverse Contexts