Social Innovation Department

Department overview

The main research fields of this department are the “Design Management Field” where research which explore the diverse needs of people and organizations through design thinking and advanced tools as well as design businesses, etc., “Industrial Innovation Design Field” which undertakes research on the industrialization and practical implementation of collaboration between various fundamental research seeds and findings and design studies, and finally, the “Social Systems Design Field” for research on product and service design that can both create new value for consumers and solve social issues, research of new possibilities of social organization (including organization design), and policy design, etc.

Besides that, the department aims to add research value to visions and strategies, products or services, etc. of society and organizations for broad proposals and implementation in society and in organizations through collaboration with the SDGs Design Unit, a unit that runs social activities and develops research and education concerning methods to contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through design,


Yasushi Togo ProfessorSocial System Design, Project Mnagement, Regional Branding
Shigeki Inoue Professor / Vice President / Division DirectorHuman Centered Design
Masakazu Tani Professorcultural anthropology, environmental anthropology
Mia Nakamura Associate ProfessorSociology of Music and Arts, Cultural Policy
Kazuo Asahiro Associate ProfessorLandscape Conservation
Taketoshi Ushiama Associate ProfessorDigital Content Environment Design, Social Computing
Ryoichi Tamura Associate ProfessorDesign Management, Design System
Toshifumi Saito Associate ProfessorMuseum design,Advertising design, Creative direction
Akane Matsumae Associate ProfessorCreativity, Dynamic Design, Design Process, Relationship Design and Management, Social Innovation
Yuichiro Nagatsu Assistant ProfessorArts Management
Tokushu Inamura Assistant ProfessorInnovation Methods, Innovation Process, Design Engineering
Goshi Sato Assistant ProfessorAgricultural Economics

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