Yasukouchi Lab



Recent Research Projects

○Research supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (Since 2000)
  Project Reader
  ・Scientific Research (A), grant no. 20247034 (2008~2011)
   Title: Effects of behavioral history in a current environment on physiological polytypism and the evaluation of its adaptability
  ・Scientific Research (S), grant no. 15107006 (2003~2007)
   Title: Physiological polymorphisms in response to environmental factors of light and ambient temperature and its human adaptability

 Project Researcher
  ・Scientific Research (S), grant no. 16107006 (2004~2008)
   Title: Study on changes in environmental adaptability in Japanese with the spread of artificial environment
  ・Scientific Research (A), grant no. 15207026 (2003~2006)
   Title: Analyses of physiological polytypisms and functional potentiality in environmental adaptability
  ・Scientific Research (A), grant no. 15207023 (2003~2004)
   Title: Physio-anthropological studies on distribution of current Japanese

○Research supported by other government grants (Since 2000)
  ・Joint Research between Japan and Russia by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2005~2007)
   Project Reader
   Title: Effects of physical and cultural factors on growth and environment adaptation and its ethnic differences between Japan and Russia
  ・Advanced project by Forest Agency(2004~2006)
   Project Researcher
   Title: Investigation into physiological effects in humans by environmental factors of forest system
  ・21st Century of COE (Center Of Excellence) Program on “Design of Artificial Environments on the Basis of Human Sensibility”(2003~2007)
   Project Researcher
   Title: Studies on physiological evaluation of light environment

○Collaboration study with private company and government organization (Since 2004)
  ・Collaboration with Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan in 2009-2011
   Spectrum design for intelligent LED lighting and its application
  ・Collaboration with Panasonic Electric Works Co.,Ltd in 2009
   Effects of LED light on human body at night

  ・Mori building Co.,Ltd in 2009-
   Physio-anthropological evaluation of trial office
  ・Fujitsu Kyushu Systems in 2009
   Save-energy driving system for elderly drivers
  ・Collaboration with Hasegawa Co.,Ltd in 2008
   Effects of Buddhist altar atmosphere on human in physiological aspects
  ・Collaboration with Panasonic Electric Works Co.,Ltd in 2008
   Effects of extreme low color temperature of light on sleep
  ・Collaboration with Panasonic Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd in 2008
   Effects of trial fluorescent lamp on melatonin secretion at night
  ・Collaboration with Pola Co.,Ltd in 2008
   Psychological and physiological effects of statement of cosmetic virtues
  ・Collaboration with Panasonic Electric Works Co.,Ltd in 2006-2007
   Effects of extreme low color temperature of light on human body at night
  ・Collaboration with SHARP Co.,Ltd in 2006-2007
   Light effects on human body and its application
  ・Collaborative project with National Institute of Environmental Studies in 2004-2006
   Light effects on human body in physiological aspects
  ・Collaborative project with Oguni town in Kumamoto Prefecture in 2004-2008
   Oguni branding project viewing from information and natural environment design and physiological evaluations

  ・other collaborations; 16 cases since 2000