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Dear my friends in the world,

I made this 2016 annual report as my season's greetings to my friends.

Thinking of you from Japan in early 2017

--- My topics in 2016 ---


Hideyuki TAKAGI (Faculty of Design, Kyushu University)
(worked concurrently for Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science)
4-9-1, Shiobaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, 815-8540 Japan
TEL & FAX <+81>92-553-4555
e-mail    takagidesign.kyushu-u.ac.jp
URL  http://www.design.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~takagi/

Research and Social Activities

My application to the 2016 Kyushu University World Premier International Researcher Invitation Program "Progress 100" was accepted, and we invited four professors from Peking University for some days, discussed on joint research, and held seminars for public. We will invited one of them, Prof. Y. Tan, as a Visiting Professor for three months in 2017 and ask him to play educational roles and conduct joint research. He and I will hold two international conferences in Fukuoka in July, 2017.

I am a volunteer serving mainly for IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society (SMC) as a member of SMC Board of Governors (2016-2018), the SMC Japan Chapter Chair (2016-2017), Chair of SMC Technical Committee on Soft Computing, and Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Cybernetic.

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Laboratory Management

One bachelor student graduated in Sept., 2016. After then, our lab consists of a doctoral student), four Master students (three M2 and a M1), and a bachelor student till Match, 2017; the term of Japanese academic calendar is in April to March. The M1 student will graduate our Master Course in March, 2017 together with other three M2 students and will enroll to our Doctoral course from April, 2017.

Besides lab seminars, we organize doctoral seminars connecting four universities using web-conferencing. Its members are mainly faculty members and doctoral students.

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Educational Activities

We are discussing to establish an undergraduate course which graduation requirement is studying abroad for more than certain months. As we must keep many universities that accepte their studying abroad, a total of about 80 our colleagues visited several universities in 2015 Fiscal Year. I visited two universities, and a School of Peking University and our School/Graduate School agreed to make a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for student exchange in 2016FY. Although both universities already have university-university student exchange program, this School-School MoU includes short-term student exchange beside.

Our Human Science International Course has organized Summer Schools since 2011 to publicize our Doctoral Program in English which enrollment eligibility is qualified non-Japanese. To promote recruitment of such international students, we must publicize to the world what education and research are conducted in the course and that it is a Doctoral program guaranteeing English education. We held 2016 Summer School, invited 14 participants from the world with full our financial supports, and gave 15-time lectures and lab works for two weeks.

Recruitment events on the Doctoral Program in English outside of Japan is important, too. Prof. Remijn and I visited Universitas Sebelas Maret and Universitas Gadjah Mada in November, 2016, and held a mini-version seminar of our Summer School together with our graduates who are working for these universities.

I visited the Kajiki High School in Kagoshima Prefecture in July, 2016 and gave a lecture to let their students be interested in enrolling to our university. My talk title was "Phonograph to Digital Audio witch are Understandable Using Knowledge of High School Physics" that may surprise those of you who know my current research topics.

I am serving an External Academic Advisor of Hong Kong City University in 2015-2017 and assess the educational program of one of their Dept.s. Since 2016 was the second year and I could understand their education program and system, it became easier for me to make my comments than the first year. It is my pleasure if my comments are helpful to further improve their education quality and systems.

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University Management Jobs

I spent many hours for university administrative jobs as the Chair of the Dept. of Art and Information Design, School of Design in 2016-2017 and the Chair of the Human Science Course / Human Science International Course, Graduate School of Design in 2016-2017. Besides these Chair jobs, I have several administrative jobs for our Faculty and university.

Taking account of this situation for long years, I proposed to reconsider the necessity of administrative committees and whole operation management systems in our Faculty to reduce the load of our faculty members and staffs. We started a working group for reconstructing administrative system, and finally, new system became able to start from April, 2017 after many times of discussions. We hope that the new system really reduces our load and can increase our time for research and education.

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Private Events

Our elder daughter was entered into the family registration in Dec., 2015 and held a wedding and a party with only relatives of both families in June, 2016. Although the party was a wedding reception, it differed from ordinal Japanese wedding receptions with entertainment party events but was a family party that relatives of both families socialized with homelike atmosphere.

Our younger daughter has lived in Hokkaodo for almost two years. She was in Asahikawa City in the first year and moved to Rumoi City in the second year to experience several jobs as on-the-job training. Now, she lives with a chipmunks, a kind of squirrels.

My wife and I have no significant health trouble so far. Since we became 60 years old in 2016, she attended an anniversary alumni meeting of her college dormitory, and I attended that of my high school. As I have not seen almost all participants for these 42 years, it was hard to match their faces with those in my memory.


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