Demonstrations of
Auditory Illusions and Tricks

2nd Edition

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We have made these auditory demonstrations to help our colleagues to understand our research on auditory organization and time perception.   Most demonstrations were originally prepared for our research group, but we thought it might be convenient to make them accessible to other researchers.   We offer the demonstrations as wave files.   Most of them are accompanied by programs written in 'J' for Windows 9X/NT, which is available from Iverson Software Inc. (    Yoshitaka Nakajima has written a set of programs in this language, and this system, 'MeloDemoHome', enables us to generate various auditory stimuli.   An advantage of 'MeloDemoHome' is that it requires the users only a week or so to learn its basic function, and the programs to generate sounds are very short.   Sample programs are available here for anyone interested in 'MeloDemoHome'.   In order to run the accompanying programs to generate the sound patterns in the present demonstrations, 'J' and 'MeloDemoHome' are necessary.  

It may take time for these demonstrations to be presented after you click play buttons.   In order to listen to the demonstrations many times, please download and save wave files to your computer, and then play your wave files.   For quick downloading, compressed files ('lzh' and 'zip') are available.  

It is strongly recommended to use headphones, to disable the 3-D listening mode of your soundcard, and not to convert wave files to mp3 files.

WARNING ! Lower levels are recommended for initial playbacks until safe levels can be determined for your ears and equipment.