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Release date:2022.01.20

From Band Activities and DTM to Fundamental Principles of Music and Acoustics


Acoustic Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Graduated from Kofu Minami High School/
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  • Acoustic Design Course (Undergraduate)

The reason why I chose the School of Design

In high school, I was involved in band activities and DTM (music production using a computer). In the course of these activities, I came into contact with musical and acoustic technologies. However, I was interested not only in the practical aspects of these technologies but also in the underlying principles, which is why I decided to study acoustics. I wanted to study in this school because it is one of the few national and public universities where you can major in acoustics. Also, there is no music or acoustics exam in the entrance exam but only a written exam, and there are many creative activities among the students, including the school festival.

My most memorable class

The classes "Fundamental Sound Recording and Creation" and "Music Theory and Expression" left quite an impression on me. The former class mainly dealt with sound recording, and there were times when we recorded the performance of professional musicians in a well-soundproofed recording studio. The microphones used for recording cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a class that I felt strongly that this was an experience that was possible only in the privileged environment of a university. The latter was a class where we learned about music theory and played the piano. I think that our university is the only one in Japan that offers piano lessons even though it is in the field of engineering.

My student life

I am a member of the CBA(Sheba) project, a club that puts on a fashion show at the school festival, and I produced the music that is played during the show and the music for the countdown commercials posted on SNS. I also composed my own music and published it on YouTube.

Message to prospective students

The Acoustic Design Course covers a wide range of fields, including musical instrument acoustics, audio equipment, hearing, psychology, and sound culture. Even if you don't have a clear idea of your future career or major, I hope you will consider it as one of your course choices if you are interested in acoustics.