Messages from Current Students

Release date:2022.01.20

Have a wonderful and meaningful university life


Environmental Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Graduated from Konan high school/
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  • Environmental Design Course (Undergraduate)

The reason why I chose the School of Design

Under my father's influence, who is a designer, I had a vague idea that I wanted to be a designer, but I did not have a specific career I wanted to pursue, and I often worried about my future and career path. Hence, I began to think about finding a career that suited me at university. At the School of Design, they offer classes that allow you to use the skills you have learned in a wide range of fields, not just housing design.

My most memorable class

The class that left the deepest impression on me was the "Space Design Practice". In this class, students learn and practice the basic skills of drafting, model making, CAD, and CG as the foundation of designer education. At the beginning of every class, good works from the past are displayed, and at the end, good works from the class are displayed. Seeing them always inspires me and makes me want to do my best.

My student life

I started dancing in university after watching a new performance. There are many beginners, and it's fun to make friends with people from different courses. I am also a member of CBA, which is a fashion show. This year, due to the prevention of infectious diseases, we had a short time working on the show. However, the unity of more than 100 people who put their abilities to full use to create one thing that lasted for a short while is irreplaceable. I had very intense and fulfilling days.

Message to prospective students

You may think that studying for exams is hard (It was hard enough for me to cry for three hours in a cafe! Lol). However, if you have your own goals, such as the university you want to enter and your dreams for the future, I believe you can overcome these obstacles. I will give you moral support.