Messages from Current Students

Release date:2022.01.20

Student life is tough and fun


Industrial Design Course(Undergraduate)
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  • Industrial Design Course (Undergraduate)

The reason why I chose the School of Design

I sort of decided to become a designer because I loved making things, but I was not sure if I should go into the arts or engineering. Then I came across the "School of Design" and fell in love with it at first sight. When I looked into it, I found out that I could learn not only how to make things but also a wide range of things such as ergonomics, marketing methods, and service proposals. Hence, I decided to enter the School of Design.

My most memorable class

I was very impressed with the class"Practical Theory of Product Design". The assignment was to create a clean shape with clay, and I struggled to grasp the sense of what I could not see. When it came to the stage to incorporate the image into the product, the image didn't take shape at all, and I ended up creating something that looked like a monster. While everyone's stylish works were being introduced during the critique, I almost batted my eyes in disappointment. This class made me keenly aware of the fact that an image cannot take shape unless it is accompanied by planning and skill.

My student life

I am a member of a club called "2ken", which fills the interior of a building with interactive art based on a concept at the Geiko Festival. I was in charge of a large space in the hall. I was filled with tension and anxiety until the end of the festival and made a lot of mistakes in my student life. Even so, I was excited to be able to use images, sound effects, lighting, and space freely, and I was able to create something together with everyone. I think it is only in Geiko that students can create art of that scale involving lots of people, money, and equipment. It was a really good experience for me.

Message to prospective students

I hate studying to death. I hate studying for exams so much that I can barely remember the exam period. Even so, I enjoy my student life so much that I am glad I worked so hard. I am vomiting blood in a different way than I did during the examination period: my work is being critiqued, I am being crushed by experiment reports, and the clubs are tough. However, I think Geiko is a place where students can have fun and do their best. I would like to encourage students who have decided to come to Geiko to continue to do so. I am rooting for you.