Recruitment of Professor Faculty of Design, Kyushu University

We are currently looking for a faculty member for the Department of Acoustic Design, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University. Details are as stated below.

1. Title: Professor (Auditory Psychology)

2. Institution: Kyushu University(URL

3. Department: Department of Acoustic Design, Faculty of Design

4. Number of Positions: Professor, 1 person

5. Teaching Responsibilities:
Perceptual Psychology, Psychometrics, Psychology of Hearing, Acoustic Experiments I, Acoustic Experiments II, Senior Project I, Senior Project II, etc., for the undergraduate course (Acoustic Design Course, School of Design, and former Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design) and Advanced Auditory Physiology, Sound Design, Academic English, Special Research on Design I, II, III, IV, Design Practice, etc., for the graduate course (Acoustic Design Course, Graduate School of Design), including shared courses.

6. Address of work location:
Kyushu University (Ohashi Campus)
4-9-1 Shiobaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, 815-8540, JAPAN
(Ohashi Campus is the main location, and there are activates at other campuses, including teaching at Ito campus)

7. Employment status:
Full-time (Tenured)

8. Commencement of appointment:
January 1, 2025

9. Qualifications:
Applicants should have a deep interest in and understanding of design, and be able to conduct education and research in accordance with the following requirements:
1) Hold a doctoral degree;
2) Have excellent research achievements in perceptual psychology, especially in the fields of auditory psychology, brain science, physiological measurement, etc.;
3) Have published papers in international journals;
4) Have a record of obtaining external funding;
5) Have a record of research guidance to doctoral students (desired);
6) Have the ability to participate cooperatively in the administrative work of the department in the Faculty of Design and departments in the undergraduate and graduate schools.

10. Compensation:
Salary: Salary is paid based on the Kyushu University Annual Salary System.
Working hours: Under the Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work, the person is considered to have worked 7 hours and 45 minutes.
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd)
Insurance: Unemployment insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension

11. Application:
Applicants are requested to submit the following 11 documents (provide all documents either in English or Japanese). Forms 1) through 7) can be downloaded from the following URL.
1) Curriculum vitae with a photograph. Please include your academic career (from high school graduation and onward), job experience, and academic associations including your duties and any committee work.
2) Education and research achievements
3) Record of achievements related to research guidance
4) Status of activities related to education
5) Activities in academic societies and society (academic associations to which you belong, positions you have held, committees you have served on, etc.)
6) Status of acquisition of competitive research funds such as Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, joint research, and funded research (representative portion)
7) List of achievements regarding social and international contributions
8) Reprints of major papers (up to 5 papers, 1 copy each, photocopies are acceptable)
9) Names, affiliations, and contact information of at least two people who can recommend the applicant (no template)
10) Outline of your research to date (no template: about 1,000 words on A4 paper)
11) Aspirations for education and research activities (no template; about 1,000 words on A4 paper)

If you have any other materials, please send them with your application. In principle, the application documents will not be returned. The personal information contained in the application documents and materials will not be used for any purpose other than this selection.

12. Contact and submission of the application documents:
Applicants should prepare the application documents in PDF format, compress and save them as an archive file, and send it to the following e-mail address.
Prof. Masayuki Takada
Faculty of Design, Kyushu University
Shiobaru 4-9-1, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, 815-8540, JAPAN
Tel: +81(code for Japan)-92-553-4563; E-mail:

*The subject line of the email should be ‘Application for Position in Department of Acoustic Design’.
*If you do not receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your application, please contact the General Affairs Section (, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University.

13. Application period:
Completed applications must arrive at Kyushu University by 5 PM, August 31, 2024 (Japan Standard Time).

14. Selection:
Selection will be based on document review, and an interview will be conducted at the final stage of the selection process. We do not support any expenses incurred to participate in the interview.

Additional Information:
○Kyushu University conducts recruitment in accordance with the spirit of the Basic Act for Gender Equal Society.
Please refer to the URL for the Gender Equality Promotion Office.
○Priority will be given to women or foreign nationals if their educational and research abilities and achievements are considered equivalent.
○ Faculty members at Kyushu University may be required to conduct classes in English from the perspective of promoting internationalization.
○ Kyushu University conducts recruitment in accordance with the spirit of the “Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 84 of 1970) “and the” Act on Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 123 of 1960)” and “Act on Promotion of Elimination of Discrimination on the Basis of Disability (Act No. 65 of 2013)”.
○From July 2017, Kyushu University introduced a spouse-accompanied employment system.
○If you have been subjected to disciplinary action in the past for sexual violence, including sexual harassment, against students, please be sure to state the nature of the disciplinary action and the specific reasons for it in your CV or other documents. False statements may result in cancellation of employment or disciplinary action.
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