Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.02.10

Make dramatic sounds that resonate with the heart. Develop human resources responsible for future broadcast and video media.


NHK Communications Training Institute

  • 2004 Graduated from the Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design/
  • 2006 Completed a Master's degree in Design at the Graduate School of Design/
  • 2006 Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Oita Broadcasting Station, Technical Operation & Engineering Division /
  • 2012 Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcast Engineering Department, Technical Operations & Engineering Center, Technical Operations & Engineering Division/
  • 2018 NHK Communications Training Institute/
Related department, course
  • Acoustic Design Course(Graduate)
  • Communication Design Science Course
  • Acoustic Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Department of Acoustic Design

My current job

I work with technology at NHK. My specialism is audio. The main programs I have been responsible for are the long-running series Sanada Maru and the TV serial drama Hiyokko. I set up microphones to record the performances of the actors at the drama production site, and as a mixer, I mix and record sound from the microphones. In post production, I work with an audio effects engineer to mix the lines with music and sound effects to complete the audio for the program. I am currently seconded to the NHK Broadcasting Training Center, an organization affiliated with NHK, where I am planning and operating training for NHK staff and training for private broadcasters and production crews.

How I spent my student life

By making use of my network in orchestra club activities and the TRP (a club for recordings and PA), I work with my friends to record concerts performed by orchestras and brass bands and create CDs. At the time, there were no other people doing the same thing, and I began to receive requests for recordings of not only amateurs, but also recitals by professional performers. I think it was due to the environment unique to GEIKO and my friends that I was able to create a place for our own activities by combining my two favorite things, orchestras and recording.

Message for prospective students

At GEIKO, you can meet friends and find a space to try out your favorite things. Many graduates of the school are at the frontier of activities in their respective fields. It is unique to the Institute of Design that such connections with your fellows can be useful for work after graduation. Now in my 14th year of employment, I have had the opportunity to work with those greatly my senior and my peers from the Institute of Design. Do please keep revisiting your "favorite things" at the Kyushu Institute of Design and forge lifelong experiences with lifelong friends.