Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.12.07

Create a beautiful space by finding the right light

PARK Hongjoo

Miki Matsushita Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

  • Born in Seoul, South Korea/
  • 2016 Finished the Master's Program in the Environment and Heritage Design Course at the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design/
  • 2016 - Present Miki Matsushita Lighting Design Co., Ltd., Lighting Designer /
Related department, course
  • Environment and Heritage Design Course

My current job

My job is to design lighting which can bring out the best atmosphere and charm possible for the space. Light is formless and only becomes apparent when it meets something like a wall or a piece of furniture. It is abstract and hard to imagine. But because it is abstract, my work is quite concrete. I create designs, floor plans and image perspectives. I conduct experiments and simulations to check light levels, glare, and that the effect is what is intended. Since electricity is required, I also need to consider the wiring and power load. With all this work, I can create a genuinely beautiful space. A true combination of design and engineering.

How I spent my student life

To be honest, I only remember having fun! I was fortunate to be accepted as a foreigner without any prejudice or discrimination because Geiko, in general, has a liberal culture. Geiko is not a large school, meaning that there is a lot of interaction between professors and students from other fields. Thanks to this, I was able to participate in the Tokyo Design Week with students of different specializations, meet students from other design universities, make my first product in the workshop, and try out various club activities. I participated in a study abroad program, where I spent about six months studying in Germany. I enjoyed everything I was able to do as a student and it was all possible because I was a student at Geiko.

Messages for prospective students

Whenever you have a question or doubt, you can always find support in Geiko, no matter your specialization. This relationship does not end after you leave university; it continues even once you enter the workforce. Making design a career is about understanding people, and that can be done with communication. If you have a desire to create a better world through design, I think this is the best design university in Japan. The fact that Geiko is taking the initiative in internationalization is a great opportunity for both Japanese and international students. Of course, I encourage you to study Japanese, English, or any other foreign languages as well. A new language opens up a whole new world.