The booklet of Japan-China Design Symposium & Asian Design Symposium 2020

The Faculty of Design, Kyushu University hosted the Japan-China Design symposium and the Asian Design symposium online on November 29, 2020.

The symposium aims to create a new academic research field through collaboration with Asian design universities, form a unique Asian design education and research base, promote design research and education, and actively contribute to the creation of future society by focusing on culture, art, industry, and human resource development in the Asian region. We also aim to contribute actively to the creation of a future society.

We have produced a booklet that serves as a report of this symposium. In the first half of the booklet, the Japan-China Design Symposium part, you will find presentations on the current status of participating universities and international exchange, as well as presentations and discussions on the role of intellectual property rights in Japan and China. In the second half of the Asian Design Symposium, we will report on presentations by participating universities on “Design Studies Education and Research Initiatives in Asia” and discussions on the theme of “Possibilities of International Collaboration in Design Studies Education” by professors from universities in Asian countries.(Written in both Japanese and English)


【Contents of Japan-China Design Symposium & Asian Design Symposium】
Kyushu University School of Design
Kyusyu University Faculty of Design
Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University
Japan-China Design Symposium
Part 1: The current Status of Design  Universities in Japan and China and the Potential and Effects of International Exchange
Part 2: The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Design
Asian Design Symposium
Part 1: Sharing of Design Education and Research Initiatives in Asia
Part 2: Possibilities for International Cooperation in Design Education
Japan-China Design Symposium, Asian Design Symposium -Working together to forge new ground in Asia design studies-


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