Call for Papers (PDF)


iCAST 2018 provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and scientists for discussing awareness computing and exchanging ideas, opinions, and the latest results in this emerging new field. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:  

A: Awareness Science:
A1: Awareness mechanism and modeling
A2: Machine learning/deep learning
A3: Pattern recognition and image understanding
A4: Neuro-computing/perception/cognition
A5: Fuzzy logic/granular computing/rough set
A6: Agent computing/swarm intelligence
A7: Ontology/semantics

B: Awareness Technology:
B1: Context/situation/background/semantics awareness
B2: Intention/emotion/preference awareness
B3: Location/position/goal awareness
B4: Power/energy/capability/resource awareness
B5: Weakness/risk/danger awareness
B6: Safety/security/privacy/trust awareness
B7: Chance/opportunity awareness
B8: Knowledge/tacit knowledge engineering

C: Awareness Related Applications:
C1: Social network
C2: Tele-communication/ubiquitous computing
C3: Image/video/speech/signal processing
C4: Overlay/P2P networking/M2M
C5: Big data/web/text mining
C6: E-business/e-government/e-learning
C7: Health/child/elderly care
C8: Smart grid/transportation/public services
C9: Device/automatic control/robotics
C10: Cloud computing/internet of things
C11: Cognitive radio

D: The others: Any other topic about information technology is welcome.

S: Special Sessions