Call for Special Sessions


Special Sessions are the best opportunity for Special Session organizers to meet researchers on the same specific research topics. Those who are interested in organizing Special Sessions are requested to submit their proposals to the Special Session Chair and collect their Special Session papers besides the papers in the proposals after approval of the proposals.

The Special Session proposal should include:

  • Special Session title (*),
  • information of Special Session organizer (*),
  • short abstract of the Special Session (*), and
  • a list of tentative Special Session paper candidates with author information

where (*) means mandatory. Special Session Chair starts reviewing the proposals as soon as possible and inform the Special Session organizers the review result.

The paper submission system, a review process, the submission due, and publications of both regular session papers and Special Session papers are the same. When the proposed Special Sessions cannot collect the minimum number of accepted papers, PC Chairs may move the accepted papers of this Special Session to other sessions or pack the session by moving papers from other sessions.