art3A1010382Fs4159801701831zA JSPS post-doc, Dr. Wolf, and a research student, Mr. Tang, get joined our Lab.

Dr. Alexandra Janina Wolf (the fifth person from the left), who is supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for two years, gets joined our Lab since September 2019. She is an expert in eye tracking to elucidate information processing across healthy and clinical participants. She is also the Chief Topic Editor of the Research Topic in Frontiers in Psychology, "Consumer’s Behavior beyond Self-Report." Mr. Tang Ting Shan (the third person from the left), a research student, gets joined since October 2019 (he graduated Ocean University of China, and he succeeded to get into the Graduate School of Human Science Course of Kyushu University since April 2020).

It is exciting that the Lab becomes even more international!