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Welcome to Ueda Laboratory Website!

We investigate auditory perception in humans through scientific approaches, mainly based on experimental psychology. Recent research topics include perception of degraded speech, irrelevant speech effect on short-term memory, and multivariate analyses of spoken languages (visit Research for recent publications, and Gallery for demos).

Since Kyushu University, where Ueda Lab. belongs to, is organized in a threefold structure, i.e., being organized separately for professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students, the Associate Professor of the Lab., Kazuo UEDA, Ph.D., works for Department of Human Science, Faculty of Design, graduate students work for Human Science Course or Human Science International Course, Graduate School of Design, and undergraduate students work for Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design. Prospective students should visit the following officail websites, providing the way of admissions and guides for international students. Most of the research activities in our Lab are deeply involved in those at Research and Development Center for Five-Sense Devices and Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science.