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The Human Science Course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to understand uniquely human characteristics and realize the optimal environment, products, and information for the humanization of technology. Our goal is to integrate theory and practice through mathematical analysis and consideration of the scientific guidelines of design based on physiological and psychological characteristics.

Originally a course under the Global 30 Project, theHuman Science International Course is a doctoral program designed to allow international students to obtain an advanced degree, regardless of their Japanese language ability, by providing them with classes and dissertation guidance in English.
We aim to provide an education that equips students with the following two abilities:
(1) The ability to understand research on human nature from a scientific point of view
(2) The ability to conduct research to propose optimal human environments, products, and information within a few years after graduating
This kind of education helps us train professionals who are interested in—and possess an aptitude for—human-based design from a science standpoint.

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Physiological Anthropology
Name Position Field of Specialization
HIGUCHI Shigekazu Professor Physiological Anthropology, Chronobiology, Sleep Science, Kansei Science
MAEDA Takafumi Professor Physiological Anthropology, Environmental Ergonomics, Thermal Physiology
MURAKI Satoshi Professor Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
HIRAMATSU Chihiro Associate Professor Visual Psychophysiology
NISHIMURA Takayuki Lecturer Physiological Anthropology
LOH Ping Yeap Assistant Professor Physical Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy
Perceptual Psychology
Name Position Field of Specialization
ITO Hiroyuki Professor Perceptual Psychology
SUNAGA Shoji Professor Color and Visual Sciences
REMIJN, Gerard Bastiaan Associate Professor Perceptual Psychology
SENO Takeharu Associate Professor Psychology
UEDA Kazuo Associate Professor Psychology of Hearing
HASUO Emi Assistant Professor Cognitive science, Psychology of music
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Name Position Field of Specialization
ITO Hiroshi Associate Professor Chronobiology, Nonlinear Dynamics
MARUYAMA Osamu Associate Professor Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
SEKI Motohide Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Sociology, Evolutionary Biology


Graduates of this course pursue diverse career paths. Thanks in part to our profound understanding and specialized knowledge of human nature, we are able to train professionals who go on to successful careers in a wide range of fields.

Main Employers
Researchers and designers who understand and can apply human characteristics
Company employees in research and development, supervisory, design, and SE departments
Producers and technicians in the media industry
Research personnel at research institutes, such as local public agencies, and testing centers
Research personnel at universities and national research institutes

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