Biological rhythms are repetitive phenomena in life.
The Ito lab is interested in mysterious behaviors in biological rhythms and the mathematical structures that underlie it.
To address the design principle of biological rhythms, we make use of bacteria, plants, squid, and biochemically reconstituted circadian oscillator.



  • Ito will give a poster presentation in EBRS. (25Aug2019)
  • 伊藤がサイエンスカフェ in SAGAでお話をします (17Jul21019)
  • Ito and Maruyama will give presentations in CyanoClock 2.0 at Nagoya (21Jun2019)
  • Ito gave a poster presentation in Robo soft. (14Apr2019)
  • 伊藤が自律分散シンポジウムで時計とパターンの話をしました。(24Jan2019)
  • Sugi et al. was published in Nature communications. We report pattern formation by crowds of nematode in this paper.

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