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Department of Industrial Design

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Name Position Field of Specialization
Akira Yasukouchi Professor Physiological Anthropology, Ergonomics
Shigeki Watanuki Professor Kansei Science, Physiological Anthropology
Yoshitsugu Morita Professor Public Space and Element Design, Living Space and Element Design, Industrial Design,Design Evaluation
Shigekazu Higuchi Professor Physiological Anthropology, Chronobiology, Sleep Science, Kansei Science
Takafumi Maeda Professor Physiological Anthropology, Environmental Ergonomics, Thermal Physiology
Satoshi Muraki Professor Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
Yasuyuki Hirai Professor Interior Design, Office Design,Interior Product Design,Inclusive Design
Ryoichi Tamura Associate Professor Design Management, Design Systems
Yoshitaka Sugimoto Associate Professor Product Design , Industrial Design
Minako Ikeda Associate Professor Contemporary Design, Design Journalism, Information Design, Design History, Editorial
Kensuke Nono Associate Professor Machine Design(CAD, CD), Analysis of Strength(Adhesive Joint)
Haruka Sogabe Associate Professor Design Process, Sign Design, Public Space Design
Kazuki Takenouchi Associate Professor Creative Design, Computer Fabrication, Synthesis of Mechanism, Design Science
Yeon-Kyu Kim Associate Professor Kansei Science, Physiological Anthropology
Yoshito Ogata Associate Professor Industrial Design, Product Design, Science of Design, Design Method
Tomoaki Fuji Associate Professor Machine Design
Tomoaki Kozaki Associate Professor Ergonomics, Physiological Anthropology, Psychophysiology
Akane Matsumae Associate Professor Creativity, Design Process, Relational Design Management, Social Innovation
Tomohiro Sakotsubo Assistant Professor Public Transportation Design, Product Design, Industrial Design
Naoshige Akita Assistant Professor Interior Design, Interior Product Design, Science of Design, Inclusive Design
Kosuke Okusa Assistant Professor Computational Statistics, Sensing
Yuki Motomura Assistant Professor physiological anthropology, Kansei science, psychophysiology
LOH Ping Yeap Assistant Professor Physical Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy