Department of Design, Graduate School of Design Environmental Design Course

This course focuses on architecture, cities, regions, and landscapes and provides high-level research and creative design practice.

The Environmental Design course focuses on the environment that surrounds people, namely architecture, cities, regions, and landscapes, and provides advanced research, study, and creative design practice. The course of study addresses the various issues that have emerged in the modern world with an eye to spatial and temporal expansion and social diversity, while also fundamentally examining the relationship between humans and the environment, and includes the Global Architect Program, an internationally accredited architectural education program. The program offers an education that contributes to the realization of a better and more diverse environmental design.


Fields of Study

  • Design Science

    Students learn about the principles and mechanisms of various aspects related to environmental design, such as environmental chemistry and the thermal environment.

  • Design Engineering

    Students learn about technologies related to environmental design, such as building structures, environmental materials, the acoustic environment, and environmental psychology.

  • Design and Production

    Students will acquire concrete forms, mechanisms, and methods in environmental design, including architectural planning, building construction planning, environmental conservation studies, landscape ecology, and landscape design.

  • Cultural and Social Design

    Students will learn about culture and society related to environmental design, including Japanese and Western architectural history, cultural heritage, international environmental policy, environmental anthropology, symbiotic social design, environmental risk management, design philosophy, art history, and environmental culture.

  • Common skills

    Students will be able to acquire and apply methodologies and knowledge related to environmental design through exercises.

  • Students learn the value of the environment from the sustainability and diversity of nature and culture and acquire the ability to create the community and living environment of the future by inheriting from the past.

    In the Environmental Design Course, students learn about various environmental issues through subjects such as Advanced Environmental Anthropology in Cultural and Social Design, and Advanced Landscape Ecology in Design and Production. In addition, students acquire the knowledge and understanding of skills necessary for environmental design in subjects such as Advanced Thermal Environmental Engineering in Design Science, Advanced Landscape Design and Advanced Architectural Planning Theory in Design and Production. Moreover, students will acquire practical skills and abilities related to comprehensive environmental design through seminar-style subjects in each field of study, as well as Studio Projects and Design Practice, which are common subjects in all courses.

Global Architect Program

This program develops talents with comprehensive design ability with engineering and cultural arts knowledge on architecture and environmental design. Together with the completion of the Architect Program in the School of Design, it is one of the few programs in Japan to be accredited as an international architectural education program based on the “UNESCO-UIA Charter for Architectural Education”.
Accredited by UNESCO-UIA Validation Council

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Environmental Design
Name Position Field of Specialization
ASAHIRO Kazuo Professor Environmental Conservation and Restoration
OI Naoyuki Professor Urban and Building Environment, Environmental Psychology
TANOUE Kenichi Professor Architectural Planning and Design
UKAI Tetsuya Professor Architectural Design, Urban Design
YOSHIOKA Tomokazu Professor Structural Engineering
FUKUSHIMA Ayako Associate Professor Heritage Studies
HAYABUCHI Yuriko Associate Professor Environmental Engineering
INOUE Tomo Associate Professor Planning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of Building Process
KATO Yuki Associate Professor History of Japanese Architecture
KITO Kenjiro Associate Professor Landscape Design
TAKATORI Chika Associate Professor Landscape Ecology
IMASAKA Tomoko Lecturer Environmental Chemistry
TSUCHIYA Jun Lecturer Building Materials, Finishing Materials, Landscape Materials
IWAMOTO Masaaki Assistant Professor Architectural Design
KAWAMOTO Youichi Assistant Professor Urban Environment
SHIMAZAKI Aya Assistant Professor History of Western Architecture


Our goal is to develop human resources with comprehensive research and design skills to be leaders in designing a better environment in the future.

Main Employers
Research positions in universities, research institutes, museums, etc.; administrative positions in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, cultural promotion, environmental policy, etc.; planners in community development, village revitalization, etc.; managers in heritage protection, heritage restoration, etc.; designers in architecture, landscape architecture, landscaping, etc.; engineers in architecture, landscape architecture, etc.

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