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Challenge Everything.


Course Overview


Challenge Everything.

Now is a time for change. It’s time for the automobile industry to rethink transportation services. Time for the healthcare industry to reduce medical expenses by taking prevention measures. Time for government and business to design a new social framework needed for the successful implementation of AI. Never before have the expectations for the imagination and creativity of designers been so high, at a time when we desire a shift to a prosperous society that is rich in diversity yet maintains a sustainable ecosystem. The Design Futures Course, which launches in April 2020, consists of a unique curriculum that integrates three fields essential to future society: ‘Art and Design’, ‘Social Futures’, and ‘Biology and Computer Science’. As students deepen their knowledge of these core areas, they will take on existing social systems and services as well as other areas still unexplored by design.


International Program

The International Program aims to develop the stance, attitudes, and communication skills necessary to work independently in international society and to develop human resources with specialized design knowledge and skills and a sense of identity of their own country. By studying abroad or taking equivalent courses, students will learn approaches, methods, and ideas for design that do not exist in Japan to broaden their scope of design.
For more information about the international program, please check the website.

International Program

Faculty Members

Faculty members in School of Design

Faculty members in Design Futures Course Design Futures Course
Name Position Field of Specialization
KOGA Toru Professor Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics,Fundamental Theory of Design
KONDO Kayoko Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, History of Social Thought
OGATA Yoshito Professor Industrial Design, Product Design, Science of Design, Design Method
TAKAGI Hideyuki Professor Computational Intelligence
TANI Masakazu Professor Environmental Anthropology
HALL, Michael Associate Professor English Skills and Environmental Risk Management
HIRAMATSU Chihiro Associate Professor Visual Psychophysiology
IKEDA Minako Associate Professor Contemporary Design, Design Journalism, Information Design, Design History, Editorial
ITO Hiroshi Associate Professor Chronobiology, Nonlinear Dynamics
KURIYAMA Hitoshi Associate Professor Fine Art, Basic Design
MARUYAMA Osamu Associate Professor Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
NAKAMURA Mia Associate Professor Sociology of the Arts
INAMURA Tokushu Assistant Professor Design Engineering
LOH Wei Leong Assistant Professor Design Education
NAGATSU Yuichiro Assistant Professor Art Management
NAKAMURA Kyoko Assistant Professor Japanese Painting, Foundations of Arts
SEKI Motohide Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Sociology, Evolutionary Biology


The following is a list of research facilities related to the course.

Prospective Career

Students can expect to find employment in areas related to social design upon graduation. Specific examples of potential careers are: creators and design consultants involved in the creation of services, experiences, and systems; planners who create new types of value in lifestyle and product design; UX designers who implement service design for manufacturers; researchers and planners who conduct investigative analysis for manufacturers; data scientists who analyze social and biometric data at research institutes; public servants and administrators involved in policy design at the local and national level; and globally-minded managers. We also expect many students to pursue research careers by continuing their studies at graduate school.

Prospective Profession
Designers (experience/vision, etc.)
Creative directors
Data scientists (social data/biometrics, etc.)
Administrative staff
Art managers

Alumni Messages

Creating a space that moves the heart

Creating a space that moves the heart

class of 2015



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