Department of Design, School of Design Acoustic Design Course

Equipping acoustic design engineers and researchers with a keen sound aesthetic and an advanced knowledge of sound


Course Overview


Equipping acoustic design engineers and researchers with a keen sound aesthetic and an advanced knowledge of sound

In the first two years of the course, students take classes in basic science and design literacy as well as core program subjects in the fields of art, science, and technology as they relate to sound. Following this, students acquire an aesthetic sense for sound as well as the expertise required from professionals in the fields of sound culture, acoustic environmental engineering, and acoustic information science. Students acquire the ability to apply to solve problems comprehensively by taking interdisciplinary classes outside of the course as well. In their fourth year, students write a bachelor’s thesis on a theme related to music, media art, sound design, physical acoustics, sound environment, hearing, or audio information processing.


Faculty Members

Faculty members in School of Design

Faculty members in Acoustic Design Course Acoustic Design Course
Name Position Field of Specialization
KABURAGI Tokihiko Professor Speech Information Processing
OMOTO Akira Professor Applied Acoustical Engineering
YAKO Masato Professor Musicology, Music Aesthetics
JO Kazuhiro Associate Professor Media Arts
KAWAHARA Kazuhiko Associate Professor Performance Evaluation of Acoustic Engineering System
NISHIDA Hiroko Associate Professor Musicology, Music Theory & Analysis, Music Culture
REMIJN, Gerard Bastiaan Associate Professor Experimental Psychology
SAMEJIMA Toshiya Associate Professor Acoustic Engineering
TAKADA Masayuki Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Environmental Acoustics
UEDA Kazuo Associate Professor Psychology of Hearing
YAMAUCHI Katsuya Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering
YOSHINAGA Yukiyasu Associate Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing
JAMIESON, Daryl Assistant Professor Composition, Aesthetics of Music
MURAKAMI Yasuki Assistant Professor Auditory Information Processing
WAKAMIYA Kohei Assistant Professor Speech Science


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Prospective Career

More than half of our graduates go on to graduate school to deepen their expertise and further their research. After graduation from the undergraduate program or completion of graduate school, many students go on to successful careers in a variety of roles related to sound, including the manufacturing of audio communication equipment, electrical equipment, musical instruments; architectural acoustics and noise control; software production; communications; or as in-house researchers at corporate research institutes.

Prospective Profession
Research and development into audio equipment, architecture, information and communications
Acoustics consultants
Sound engineers for broadcasting stations
Sound designers
Media artists

Alumni Messages

Creating music that transcends time and national borders

Creating music that transcends time and national borders

class of 2005

Sadaharu Yagi

Recording Engineer/Music Producer

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To deliver the best musical experience

To deliver the best musical experience

class of 2007


Sony Corporation R&D Center Tokyo Laboratory 20

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