Department of Design, Graduate School of Design Media Design Course

Creating the future of media communication design
that connects people, sensibility to expression, sensation to space, and virtual to reality.

Course Overview

Creating the future of media communication design that connects people, sensibility to expression, sensation to space, and virtual to reality.

Media Design Course consists of four areas: Design Science, Design Engineering, Design and Production, and Cultural and Social Design. It ranges from digital communication, data science, and networking through cutting-edge media technology to human visual science, psychology, artistic expression, human social communication, etc. The goal is to explore and practice media design that "connects," "communicates," and "shares" through the harmony of scientific knowledge, thinking ability, aesthetic sensibility, creativity, and expressive power.
We nurture advanced human resources with a multifaceted and international perspective who can create new media technologies and cultural values by cultivating the following four abilities.

  1. Scientific knowledge and thinking ability such as human visual science, psychology, etc.
  2. Cutting-edge digital technologies such as data science and networking
  3. Aesthetic sensibility, expressiveness, and creativity
  4. Knowledge and ability to think about cultural diversity and communication research

Faculty Members

Faculty members in Graduate School of Design

Faculty members in Media Design Course Media Design Course
Media Design
Name Position Field of Specialization
HARA Kenji Professor Visual Information Processing
IHARA Hisayasu Professor Graphic Design
ITO Hiroyuki Professor Perceptual Psychology
KIM Daewoong Professor Contents Design
SUNAGA Shoji Professor Color and Visual Sciences
TAKENOUCHI Kazuki Professor Mechanics design, Graphic science
TOMOTARI Mikako Professor Sculpture, Art Studies
TSURUNO Reiji Professor Computer Graphics
Ho Hsin-Ni Associate Professor Haptics
INOUE Kohei Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
ISHII Tatsuro Associate Professor Visual Image Expression, Enhanced Visual Image Expression
MAKINO Yutaka Associate Professor Installation, Performance,Computer Music
ONO Naoki Associate Professor Digital Image Processing and Recognition
OSHIMA Hisao Associate Professor Dramaturgy
SENO Takeharu Associate Professor Psychology
USHIAMA Taketosi Associate Professor Digital Content Environment Design
FUYUNO Miharu Assistant Professor Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, English Education, Media and Education, Media and Language Culture
KUDO Mao Assistant Professor Sign System Design, Visual Symbol
MORIMOTO Yuki Assistant Professor Computer Graphics
TOH Kiriko Assistant Professor Web Design



Graduates of this course are expected to be active as researchers, artists, designers, directors, and educators in content design, information design, and media communication.

Main Enployers
Designers, Planners, Directors (graphic design, advertising, etc.), Engineers (network engineers, data scientists, design engineers, visual scientists, etc.), Creators (media art, games, video, etc.), Artists, Science journalists, Intermedia Communicators, Researchers, Educators, etc.