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Acquiring the media expertise needed to design human connections and communications


Course Overview


Acquiring the media expertise needed to design human connections and communications

The Media Design Course trains ambitious individuals who will usher in a new era of media design. The course inherits and further develops the rich educational and research traditions and resources of the Department of Visual Communication Design and Department of Art and Information Design. The term “media” does not only include content that represents information. It encompasses the hardware and software required to use this information as well as the means for transmitting that information. Media design refers to making full use of media to design connections and communications between people.
In this course, students will learn media design systematically and comprehensively through a curriculum based on the following three elements:
(1) "What to express and how to express it"
Learning design and artistic expression (media expression)
(2) "How to connect people with others and foster communication"
Learning technical methods for communication (media interaction)
(3) "How do people connect and communicate with each other?"
Understanding the human being as the object of communication and learning about human behavior and society (media communication study)


International Program

The International Program aims to develop the stance, attitudes, and communication skills necessary to work independently in international society and to develop human resources with specialized design knowledge and skills and a sense of identity of their own country. By studying abroad or taking equivalent courses, students will learn approaches, methods, and ideas for design that do not exist in Japan to broaden their scope of design.
For more information about the international program, please check the website.

International Program

Faculty Members

Faculty members in School of Design

Faculty members in Media Design Course Media Design Course
Name Position Field of Specialization
HARA Kenji Professor Visual Information Processing
IHARA Hisayasu Professor Graphic Design
ITO Hiroyuki Professor Perceptual Psychology
KIM Daewoong Professor Contents Design
SUNAGA Shoji Professor Color and Visual Sciences
TAKENOUCHI Kazuki Professor Mechanics design, Graphic science
TOMOTARI Mikako Professor Sculpture
TSURUNO Reiji Professor Computer Graphics
ASO Tsukasa Associate Professor Intellectual Property Law
Ho Hsin-Ni Associate Professor Haptics
INOUE Kohei Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
ISHII Tatsuro Associate Professor Visual Image Expression, Enhanced Visual Image Expression
MATSUGUMA Hiroyuki Associate Professor Computer Graphics Design
ONO Naoki Associate Professor Digital Image Processing and Recognition
OSHIMA Hisao Associate Professor Dramaturgy
SENO Takeharu Associate Professor Psychology
USHIAMA Taketosi Associate Professor Digital Content Environment Design
FUYUNO Miharu Assistant Professor Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, English Education, Media and Education, Media and Language Culture
KUDO Mao Assistant Professor Sign System Design, Visual Symbol
MORIMOTO Yuki Assistant Professor Computer Graphics
TOH Kiriko Assistant Professor Web Design
YOSHIMURA Riichi Assistant Professor Linguistics/ Intercultural (Cross-cultural) Communication Studies


Prospective Career

Graduates of the Department of Visual Communication Design and the Department of Art and Information Design— the two courses that now comprise the Media Design Course —go on to have successful careers as creators and engineers in mass media, gaming, IT, film, advertising, printing, and other related industries. More than a few graduates have also gone on to become researchers at universities and research institutes. The graduates of the Media Design Course are also expected to play important roles in and beyond those industries mentioned above.

Prospective Profession
Designers/Engineers (media-related, interaction design-related)
Creators (media art/games/video/advertising, etc.)

Alumni Messages

Creating an optimal development environment from an artist's unique perspective

Creating an optimal development environment from an artist's unique perspective

class of 2003


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