Department of Design, Graduate School of Design Design Futures Course

A course that envisions "the future we want" in which we coexist with living organisms, others, and the environment, and design the mono, koto, and system that will make this future a reality.

The Design Futures Course aims to provide students with knowledge and methodologies in bioinformatics, bioengineering, design, art, culture, and society to develop a vision of a future society through a multifaceted and creative approach. To this end, students will acquire the following abilities.

  • The ability to systematically understand and explain information science and life science
  • The ability to systematically understand, explain and practice art production and its expression theory, management, and technology
  • The ability to understand and explain interdisciplinary knowledge related to philosophy, environmental studies, sociology, education, and art studies

While making full use of these comprehensive understanding and acquired skills and methods, we aim for students to contribute to the presentation of scientific knowledge, the solution of social issues, and the creation of culture in order to realize a future symbiotic society.


Fields of Study

  • Science Subjects

    Students will develop a deep understanding of life science and information mathematics and the ability to apply it to a symbiotic society

  • Design Engineering Subjects

    Students will develop the ability to create life, the future, and an environmental society through engineering.

  • Design and Production Subjects

    Students will develop the ability to practice design through individual creativity through the group of subjects that support art and design.

  • Cultural and Social Design Subjects

    Students will develop the ability to analyze and critique culture and society and to design culture and society.

  • Through education and research, envision the future society with a multifaceted and creative approach and realize it.

    The program consists of lecture-style subjects of four fields, Special Research on Design Subjects closely related to the four fields, and Studio Projects developed based on these two.
    • Design Science: Statistics and Computer Science, Chronobiology, Mathematical Modelling, Molecular Biology
    • Design Engineering: Human Information Engineering, Biomaterial Engineering, Design in General Education, Curriculum and Management for Design Education, Biomimetics
    • Design and Production: Contemporary Art Practice, Life and Art, Speculative Design, Editorial and Information Design Theory, Sustainable Design, Design Civic, Resilience Design
    • Cultural and Social Design: Ecological Social Design, Environmental Risk Management, Aesthetics of Images, Philosophy of Design, Arts and Research, Cultural Policy, Arts Management

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Design Futures
Name Position Field of Specialization
INOUE Shigeki Professor Human Centered Design
KOGA Toru Professor Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics,Fundamental Theory of Design
KONDO Kayoko Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, History of Social Thought
MINATO Takehiko Professor Screenplay
NAKAMURA Mia Professor Cultural Policy, Arts Management, Arts and Care, Art-based Research
OGATA Yoshito Professor Industrial Design, Product Design, Science of Design, Design Method
HIRAMATSU Chihiro Associate Professor Visual Psychophysiology
ITO Hiroshi Associate Professor Chronobiology, Nonlinear Dynamics
KURIYAMA Hitoshi Associate Professor Contemporary Art
MARUYAMA Osamu Associate Professor Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
NAGATSU Yuichiro Associate Professor Art Management
YUKI Madoka Associate Professor Theory of Images, History and Theory of Photgraphy, Visual Cultural Studies
LOH Wei Leong Assistant Professor Design Education
SEKI Motohide Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Sociology, Evolutionary Biology
YOKOYA Naho Assistant Professor Contemporary Art


Our goal is to nurture human resources who have the design skills and challenging mindset to design, plan, and implement products using innovative methods and play a leading role in the real world.

Main Employers
Designers (experience, vision, etc.), design directors, data scientists (social data, life information, etc.), consultants, government officials, art managers, creators, entrepreneurs, etc.

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