Department of Design, Graduate School of Design Human Life Design and Science Course

A course that fosters creating a safe, secure, and fulfilling life based on human characteristics.

The Human Life Design and Science Course trains students to understand and conceptualize the way of life from a bird's eye view based on human characteristics and advanced science and technology, and to be able to apply this knowledge toward the realization of the ideal way of life. Specifically, we aim to develop individuals who understand human physiological, morphological, behavioral, and psychological characteristics, who can rethink our way of life based on human sensitivity and creativity, who can apply and integrate knowledge to create a scientifically and culturally richer life, and who have the cutting-edge scientific knowledge to realize a safe, secure, and more desirable way of life for humanity.


Fields of Study

  • Physiological Anthropology

    Human Factors and Ergonomics  
    Physiological Anthropology
    Kansei Behavioral Science

  • Creative Science and Engineering

    Creative Science and Engineering
    Functional Engineering
    Students will acquire advanced interdisciplinary knowledge of science and technology and the ability to analyze information based on statistical and mathematical reasoning and develop it into designs.

  • Lifescape Design

    Public Design  
    Product Design  
    Communication Design

  • To create a safe, secure, and more desirable way of life for humanity based on advanced science and technology by seeing the way of life from a bird’s eye view and exploring human physiological, morphological and behavioral characteristics, sensitivity and creativity.

    This course provides students opportunities to conceptualize the way of life and provides educational subjects on human characteristics, science and technology, and lifescape design necessary to create mono, services, systems, and living environments for realizing a safe, secure, and more desirable life, thereby deepening their specialized knowledge.
    In addition to lecture subjects, project subjects are also provided for students to acquire practical skills.
    Students who want to study broadly and acquire comprehensive skills can acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills by actively taking subjects not only in their own major but also in other majors.

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Human Life Design and Science
Name Position Field of Specialization
FUJI Tomoaki Professor Machine Design
HIGUCHI Shigekazu Professor Physiological Anthropology, Chronobiology, Sleep Science, Kansei Science
MAEDA Takafumi Professor Physiological Anthropology, Environmental Ergonomics, Thermal Physiology
MURAKI Satoshi Professor Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
AKITA Naoshige Associate Professor Interior Design, Interior Product Design, Science of Design, Inclusive Design
MATSUMAE Akane Associate Professor Social Psychology, Creativity, Participatory Design, Relationship Design, Social Innovation
NISHIMURA Takayuki Associate Professor Physiological Anthropology
SAITO Kazuya Associate Professor Digital Fabrication, Mechanical Engineering
SAITO Toshifumi Associate Professor Creative Direction, Art Direction, Advertising Design, Museum Design
SOGABE Haruka Associate Professor Design Process, Sign Design, Public Space Design
LOH Ping Yeap Assistant Professor Physical Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy
MOTOMURA Yuki Assistant Professor Physiological Anthropology, Kansei science, Psychophysiology
NISHIMURA Eigo Assistant Professor Behavioral analysis
SAWAI Kenichi Assistant Professor Mathematical Engineering, Mathematical Modeling of Perception


Based on a deep understanding of human life design and specialized knowledge, we aim to nurture human resources who will be active in a wide range of fields.

Main Employers
Research positions at universities, civil servants, IT-related companies, manufacturers of home appliances, automobiles, furniture, etc., designers (product, public, interior, UX, graphic, etc.), advertising, mass media, entertainment-related, creators, planners, consultants, R&D, etc.

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