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Human-Friendly Design


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Human-Friendly Design

The Industrial Design Course trains designers and researchers—including creators, planners, and engineers—who build safe, desirable products, services, living environments, and social systems with a newfound bird’s-eye perspective and appreciation for the consumer’s standpoint. The course is designed around social connections and an understanding of the many aspects of human behavior.

The course consists of a systematic, multifaceted curriculum that is based on aesthetics, engineering, and science as they pertain to design theories and methodologies for social implementation. The educational structure is comprised of lectures and exercises that build off each other to deepen students’ understanding and equip them with critical industrial design knowledge and skills. The curriculum is made up of specialized subjects that can be tailored to student interests and orientations, specifically in the core areas of ergonomics and creative design, whose theories and practices will become the foundation of any specialty.

Many of our academic faculty are involved in the education and research of design at universities all over Japan, and this course is one of the nation’s starting points for design education. Students are active as much in the classroom as they are outside of it, with plenty of extracurricular activities and many student groups going on to win design awards in Japan and abroad.


International Program

The International Program aims to develop the stance, attitudes, and communication skills necessary to work independently in international society and to develop human resources with specialized design knowledge and skills and a sense of identity of their own country. By studying abroad or taking equivalent courses, students will learn approaches, methods, and ideas for design that do not exist in Japan to broaden their scope of design.
For more information about the international program, please check the website.

International Program

Faculty Members

Faculty members in School of Design

Faculty members in Industrial Design Course Industrial Design Course
Name Position Field of Specialization
HIGUCHI Shigekazu Professor Physiological Anthropology, Chronobiology, Sleep Science, Kansei Science
HIRAI Yasuyuki Professor Interior Design, Office Design, Interior Product Design, Inclusive Design
KIYOSUMI Masahiro Professor Brand Design, Promotional Design,Social Experience Design
MAEDA Takafumi Professor Physiological Anthropology, Environmental Ergonomics, Thermal Physiology
MURAKI Satoshi Professor Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
TOGO Yasushi Professor Social System Design, Project Management, Regional Policy Management, Regional Branding
AKITA Naoshige Associate Professor Interior Design, Interior Product Design, Science of Design, Inclusive Design
FUJI Tomoaki Associate Professor Machine Design
MATSUMAE Akane Associate Professor Social Psychology, Creativity, Participatory Design, Relationship Design, Social Innovation
SAITO Toshifumi Associate Professor Creative Direction, Art Direction, Advertising Design, Museum Design
SOGABE Haruka Associate Professor Design Process, Sign Design, Public Space Design
SUGIMOTO Yoshitaka Associate Professor Product Design, Industrial Design
TAMURA Ryoichi Associate Professor Design Management, Design Systems
NISHIMURA Takayuki Lecturer Physiological Anthropology
LOH Ping Yeap Assistant Professor Physical Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy
MOTOMURA Yuki Assistant Professor Physiological Anthropology, Kansei science, Psychophysiology
SAKOTSUBO Tomohiro Assistant Professor Public Transportation Design, Product Design, Industrial Design
SAWAI Kenichi Assistant Professor Mathematical Engineering, Mathematical Modeling of Perception

Prospective Career

Around half of these graduates go on to graduate school and another half go on to employment in their respective fields of study. Our graduates go on to successful careers in a variety of industries that include home appliance and automobile design and furniture manufacturing; space design, architecture, and urban planning; trading; advertising; printing and publishing; information technology; banking; and government and public service. Those who go on to complete their graduate studies often become researchers, either in-house at private research institutes or at educational and research institutions such as universities, or pursue careers in the industries listed above.

Prospective Profession
Industrial designers (product/public/interior/brand/service/business)
Creators (planning/research/engineering)

Alumni Messages

Designing the "prototype" of the future

Designing the "prototype" of the future

class of 2015


Design consultant, Institute of Future Design, Design HQ, Panasonic Corporation

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Putting "love" into work.

Putting "love" into work.

class of 2019


T-ARTS Company, Ltd.

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