Sponsored Research and Joint Research

Joint Research

Joint Research is research that is conducted jointly by our faculty members and researchers of industry and public organizations. Each joint research theme is determined by both researchers.

Sponsored Research

Sponsored Research is research that is conducted by our faculty members upon request by industry and public organizations.

Technical Guidance and Technical Consultation

Technical Guidance

The Technical Guidance System supports the operations or activities of the commissioning organization through guidance and advice grounded in our faculty's specialized knowledge in education, research, and technology.

Technical Consultation

The Consultation & Office Operation Group provides technical consultations, and coordinates the work of industry-university collaborations (e.g. paid technical consultation, joint or sponsored research, Kyushu University-Steinbeis Japan Transfer Center (KSTC) intermediation business and, referral to other organizations) mainly for small- and medium-sized businesses in the Kyushu area.


Donations for the purpose of encouraging academic research and education

We accept donations from companies and individuals to help to cover the cost of academic and clinical research carried out by schools, graduate schools, and specific researchers, as well as costs associated with the promotion of education and research, student support, and operational management. Such generosity plays an extremely important role in enhancing and furthering the development of academic research and education.

Donations to Kyushu University are designated by the Minister of Finance as specified donations eligible for either tax deduction under the Income Tax Act or full inclusion in expenses under the Corporation Tax Act.

Donations for SDGs Design International Award

The Faculty of Design of Kyushu University would like to continue to host this award and continue our activities to implement ideas from young people worldwide into society and is accepting donations from companies and individuals.

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