Faculties in Charge of Students' Career

School of Design,
Enrollees before 2019

Department of Environmental Design
UKAI Tetsuya, Professor 092-553-4478 ukai@design.
Department of Industrial Design
TAMURA Ryoichi, Associate Professor 092-553-4534 tamura@design.
Department of Visual Communication Design
MATSUGUMA Hiroyuki , Associate Professor 092-553-4432 kuma@design.
ONO Naoki , Associate Professor 092-553-4507 ono@design.
Department of Acoustic Design
UEDA Kazuo, Associate Professor 092-553-9460 ueda@design.
KAWAHARA Kazuhiko, Associate Professor 092-553-4550 kawahara@design.
Department of Art and Information Design
YOSHIMURA Riichi, Assistant Professor 092-553-4557 yoshimur@design.
FUYUNO Miharu, Assistant Professor 092-553-4559 m-fuyuno@design.

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Graduate School of Design

Human Science Course, Department of Design
MARUYAMA Osamu, Associate Professor 092-553-4504 maruyama@design.
Communication Design Science Course, Department of Design
SAMEJIMA Toshiya, Associate Professor 092-553-4545 samejima@design.
Environment and Heritage Design Course, Department of Design
KANEKIYO Hiroyuki , Professor 092-553-4475 kanekiyo@design.
Content and Creative Design Course, Department of Design
TAKENOUCHI Kazuki, Associate Professor 092-553-4532 ktake@design.
Department of Design Strategy
SAITO Toshifumi , Associate Professor 092-553-4638 saito@design.

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Department of Design, School of Design,
Enrollees after 2020

Environmental Design Course
ASAHIRO Kazuo, Associate Professor 092-553-4480 asahiro@design.
Industrial Design Course
AKITA Naoshige, Assistant Professor 092-553-4490 akita@design.
Design Futures Course
ITO Hiroshi , Associate Professor 092-553-4535 hito@design.
Media Design Course
TSURUNO Reiji , Professor 092-553-4497 tsuruno@design.
Acoustic Design Course
KABURAGI Tokihiko , Professor 092-553-4572 kabu@design.

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Career Desk
(Student Affairs Division)

Student Affairs Section,
Student Affairs Division,
School of Design
4-9-1 Shiobaru, Minamiku, Fukuoka, 815-8540, JAPAN
Student Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division
School of Design, Kyushu University
E-mail: gkggakusei@jimu.
TEL: +81 92-553-4586, 4423
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Important Notice for Employers

Applying for Employer Information Sessions at Ohashi Campus

Throughout the year, Kyushu University provides companies with the opportunity to hold employer information sessions, workshops, and seminars for students.
Please note that events are held in agreement with the following conditions.

(1) Intent
These are events are held as part of vocational and career education beginning during a student’s first year at university. They are intended to help students develop an awareness and understanding of work and employment, as well as the ability to choose their own career path in accordance with their own interests and skills. These events are also meant to increase student motivation.

(2) Advertising Period
Because third-year undergraduate and first-year graduate students are able to participate in employer information sessions beginning on March 1, one month before the start of their final academic year, we ask that you inform them that participation in earlier sessions (briefings, workshops, seminars, or otherwise) will not affect future employment opportunities.

(3) Content
Please avoid content related to work experience internships.
Please contact the Student Affairs Division of the School of Design in advance to confirm the content of your event

(4) Handling of Student Personal Information
Since events do not require any kind of reservation, we are unable to provide figures like attendance numbers in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Application Procedures

If you wish to hold an event, please email us with the following required information.
You will be contacted upon confirmation of your application.
Since events are held in classrooms, priority is given to classes and school functions.
Please note that we may not be able to meet your requested date and time.

  1. Please write “(Company Name) Request to Hold (Title) at Ohashi Campus”
  2. Desired Date (Please list up to three desired dates )
  3. Company name
  4. Contact Person
  5. Contact Information (telephone and email)

Events generally start after 18:30, giving students time to arrive following the last class period, which ends at 18:10. This may differ during periods when classes are not in session.
If you have any questions, please contact the Student Affairs Section (where you submit your application).
Please refer to the Notes on Use when holding your event.


Posters to be displayed on campus must be A4 in portrait orientation only.
Posters should include the following information and be sent via email no later than two weeks before the date of your event.

  1. Title
  2. Date & Time
  3. Location
  4. Details
  5. Clearly state that "participation will not affect future employment opportunities"


4-9-1 Shiobaru, Minamiku, Fukuoka, 815-8540, JAPAN
Student Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division
School of Design, Kyushu University
E-mail: gkggakusei@jimu.
TEL: +81 92-553-4586, 4423
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Notes on Use

  1. The University will provide a venue and promote your event to students via notifications on bulletin boards and the online student portal.
    Other PR and student outreach are the responsibility of your company.
  2. After your event, please be sure to turn off the lights and AC before leaving.
    You are not required to stop by the Student Affairs Section.
    Please leave the venue the way you found it. (You do not need to lock the door.)
  3. It may not be possible to hold an event during weekends or national and year-end holidays when staff are unavailable, or during other official university functions.
  4. Classrooms made available for events are equipped with projects and screens.
  5. Print materials may be sent to the university in advance and will be stored at the Student Affairs Section (where you submit your application), but please bring any electronics, such as computers, on the day of your event.