School of Design

The School of Design aims to nurture professional designers equipped with scientific knowledge of engineering and technology, deep insight into people and society, and creative artistic sensitivity. Our predecessor, Kyushu Institute of Design (1968–2003) provided education focused on how technology could be adapted to human life under the progressive slogan of “Humanization of Technology.”

design area

Today, the context in which design takes place is evolving daily with the advancement of IT and the new culture that it creates, reform of production and distribution systems, diversification of lifestyles, and global environmental issues. Design has transcended the material realm and now includes defining processes, experiences, and social phenomenon. The School of Design cultivates highly creative individuals with broad, international perspectives and the capacity to respond accurately to the new circumstances unfolding in the 21st Century.

Graduate School of Design

In today’s society, humans are expected to live intelligent and affluent lives. However, to achieve this ideal, it is essential to consider the ideal state of our equipment and tools, spaces, environments, and information from new perspectives. Furthermore, this challenge is exacerbated by a complex web of social relations, including those between individuals and groups, harmony and unity amid diversity, development and conservation, and continuity and change. The industrial world has seen the emergence of an environment that gives rise to new, complex clusters such as “environmental business,” “soft industry,” “intelligent industry,” and “experience industry.” Therefore, to contribute to the achievement of an environmentally symbiotic advanced information and communication-oriented society, the Graduate School of Design aims to foster scientific and technological knowledge and inquisitive capacity while establishing a higher-level humanistic design culture with the power to inspire creativity. Accordingly, we are engaged in research and education for the purpose of promoting cooperation among subject areas such as “culture and human science,” “planning and design,” and “science and technology” and developing and advanced design methods. Furthermore, to achieve our goal of “Humanizing Technology,” the Graduate School of Design aims to cultivate individuals equipped with the all-round abilities needed to conduct creative research and perform leading roles in the design industry.