At the School of Design, more than half of our students go on to pursue a master’s degree. Many other students find positions at private companies and government agencies. Each course prepares students for work in different industries, and many of them create careers where they make use of what they studied at university.

Many students who obtain a master's degree go on to pursue careers in the private sector or in government, where they can make direct use of the expertise they acquired in their graduate studies.

Students wanting to acquire an even higher level of expertise go on to pursue a doctoral program and pursue careers as cutting-edge researchers, designers, creators, and artists.

Career Paths after Graduation FY2016 - FY2018

School of DesignEnrollees before 2019

Department Graduates Schooling Employment Other
Department of Environmental Design 118 50 50 18
Department of Industrial Design 157 81 57 19
Department of Visual Communication Design 119 42 55 22
Department of Acoustic Design 116 61 33 22
Department of Art and Information Design 130 46 68 16

Graduate School of Design

Major / Course Graduates Employment Schooling Other
Department of Design Human Science Course / Human Science International Course 50 42 1 7
Department of Design Communication Design Science Course 92 76 5 11
Department of Design Environment and Heritage Design Course 38 29 1 8
Department of Design Content and Creative Design Course 89 65 8 16
Department of Design Strategy 96 65 3 28