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Department of Acoustic Design

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Name Position Field of Specialization
Yoshizo Itabashi Professor Comparative Linguistics, Contact Linguistics, Areal Linguistics,Diachronic Linguistic Typology, Welfare Linguistics
Kimio Shiraishi Professor Audiology
Yoshitaka Nakajima Professor Perceptual Psychology, Speech Signal Processing
Mamoru Fujieda Professor Music Composition
Masato Yako Professor Musicology, Music Aesthetics
Akira Omoto Professor Applied Acoustical Engineering
Tokihiko Kaburagi Professor Speech Information Processing
Toshiya Samejima Associate Professor Acoustic Engineering
Kazuo Ueda Associate Professor Psychology of Hearing
Masayuki Takada Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Environmental Acoustics
Gerard B. Remijn Associate Professor Experimental Psychology
Mia Nakamura Associate Professor Sociology of Music, Arts Management
Katsuya Yamauchi Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering
Jo Kazuhiro Associate Professor Media Arts
Kohei Wakamiya Assistant Professor Speech Science
Kazuhiko Kawahara Assistant Professor Performance Evaluation of Acoustic Engineering System
Hiroko Nishida Assistant Professor Musicology, Music Theory & Analysis, Music Culture
Yuichiro Nagatsu Assistant Professor Art Management, Disability Studies