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Department of Environmental Design

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【Architectural History and Cultural Property】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Keiyo Fujihara Professor Historical Study of Japanese Modern Architecture
Yoshitake Doi Professor History of Western Architecture
Yuki Kato Associate Professor History of Japanese Architecture
Ayako Fukushima Assistant Professor Heritage Studies

【Landscape and Social Environment Design】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Hiroyuki Kanekiyo Professor Landscape Management, Landscape Planning and Design
Masakazu Tani Professor Environmental Anthropology
Kayoko Kondo Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, History of Social Thought
Kazuo Asahiro Associate Professor Environmental Conservation and Restoration
Naoko Fujita Associate Professor Landscape Ecology
LOH  Wei Leong, Leon Assistant Professor Design Education

【Built Environment Design】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Shoichi Sasabuchi Professor Statistical Mathematics
Naoyuki Oi Professor Urban and Building Environment, Environmental Psychology
Kenichi Tanoue Professor Architectural Planning and Design
Tomokazu Yoshioka Associate Professor Structural Engineering
Tetsuya Ukai Associate Professor Architectural Design, Urban Design
Tomo Inoue Associate Professor Planning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of Building Process
Yoichi Kawamoto Assistant Professor Urban Environment
Masaaki Iwamoto Assistant Professor Architectural Design
Tomoko Imasaka Lecturer Environmental Chemistry