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Deparment of Content and Creative Design

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【Interaction Design】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Kiyoshi Tomimatsu Professor Interaction Design
Reiji Tsuruno Associate Professor Computer Graphics, Visual Computing, Computer Science
Taketoshi Ushiama Associate Professor Digital Content Environment Design
Ryoko Ueoka Associate Professor Virtual Reality, Human Interface
Tsukasa Aso Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Law

【Creative Design】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Hisayasu Ihara Professor Graphic Design
Kazuki Takenouchi Associate Professor Creative Design, Computer Fabrication, Synthesis of Mechanism, Design Science
Kiriko Toh Assistant Professor Visual Design, Information Design on Networks
Tomohiro Sakotsubo Assistant Professor Public Transportation Design, Product Design, Industrial Design

【Content Design】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Shinji Wakiyama Professor Multiple-Image, Image for Exhibition, Presentations
Daewoong Kim Associate Professor Contents Design、Digital Archive
Hiroyuki Matsuguma Associate Professor Computer Graphics Design
Tatsuro Ishii Assistant Professor Visual Image Creation, Visual Image Expression
Yuki  Morimoto Assistant Professor Computer Graphics


Name Position Field of Specialization
Toru Koga Professor Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics,Fundamental Theory of Design
Hisao Oshima Associate Professor Dramaturgy
Mikako Tomotari Associate Professor Sculpture
Noriko Yonemura Associate Professor Art History
Masahito Katayama Associate Professor Fine Art
Miharu Fuyuno Assistant Professor Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, English Education, Media and Education, Media and Language Culture