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Communication Design Science Course

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【Audio-visual Integration】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Yoshizo Itabashi Professor Comparative Linguistics, Contact Linguistics, Areal Linguistics,Diachronic Linguistic Typology, Welfare Linguistics
Toshiya Samejima Associate Professor Acoustic Engineering
Masayuki Takada Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Environmental Acoustics
Katsuya Yamauchi Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering

【Visual Image Communication】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Hiroyasu Sakamoto Professor Image Information Engineering
Kiichi Urahama Professor Image Information Processing
Yukiyasu Yoshinaga Associate Professor Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Naoki Ono Associate Professor Digital Image Processing and Recognition
Kenji Hara Associate Professor Visual Information Processing
Kohei Inoue Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing

【Acoustic Communication】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Tokihiko Kaburagi Professor Speech Information Processing
Kohei Wakamiya Assistant Professor Speech Science
Kosuke Okusa Assistant Professor Computational Statistics, Sensing

【Hall Management Engineering】

Name Position Field of Specialization
Akira Omoto Professor Applied Acoustical Engineering
Mia Nakamura Associate Professor Sociology of Music, Arts Management