SDGs Design International Awards 2022 Winners Announced

The SDGs Design International Awards 2022 award ceremony, organized by the SDGs Design Unit of the Faculty of Design and Kyushu University/ the Center for Designed Future of Kyushu University, was held online on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Prior to the awards ceremony, a panel discussion was held by the SDGs Design International Awards 2022 judges on the theme of “Quality Education Required for the Future,” where experts from various fields, including education, SDGs, and content creation, presented their latest educational programs.
This year’s awards received a record number of 271 applications from 13 countries and regions around the world under the theme of “High-Quality Education. After a rigorous screening process, the award winners were determined as follows.

Theme 1 Let’s Design High-Quality Educational Experiences!

<Gold Award>
Bus of Opportunities: Educational Services for the Youth
Sneha Aggarwal, Shruti Chakke, Chamba Tsetan, Bhaskar Sen, and Amruta Supate Affiliated with National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India

<Silver Award>
Education Center for Urban Food Production
Jiang Jianghang and Deng Jingyi, Tokyo University of Science and Surugadai University, Japan

<Bronze Award>
Safety Training in a Virtual Space
Lee Yejin and Jang Sujeong, Dongseo University, Korea

Theme 2 Let’s Design High-Quality Educational Experiences with the Companies!

<Yuko Lucky Group Award>
Art Lab for Everyone -Creating Inclusive Learning Places Proposed
Aisa Yoshida, Tae Iseki (School of Letters),Hinako Amamoto, Yuka Eto, and Chinatsu Wada(School of Education), Kyushu University, Japan

<Marine World Award>
Let’s Play the Sound of Protecting the Ocean
Shou Ishikawa, International Christian University High School, Japan

<Kyushu Gas Award>
My Energy Tomodachi
Sheryl Anne de Jesus, 2nd year Master’s student in the Human Science International Course, Graduate school of Design,Kyushu University, Japan and Marly Anne Lacaden

<Special Awards for High School Students> (3 Proposals)
First Step of Action
Non Oda, Kumamoto Prefectural Kumamoto High School, Japan

Let’s Play the Sound of Protecting the Ocean
Shou Ishikawa, International Christian University High School, Japan

Tora Café
Karen Hatta, Chisato Ishida, Misato Matsuda, Shiga Prefectural Torahime High School, Japan

For more details, including an overview of each award and the critiques by the jury chair and the company representatives.