Campus Greening: Design Library and Information Infrastructure Office

Although the Design Library at Ohashi Campus is still undergoing renovations and is not yet open to the public, some of the plantings around the building have been renewed.

The first one is the “Hakusanboku” (Viburnum japonicum) located in the pilotis section of the corridor between the library and the Information Infrastructure Office. This is a native shrub that grows naturally in the coastal vegetation of Fukuoka. It was selected because it is a shrub that shade tolerant, and its flowers are enjoyable. This April, it just bloomed with large flowers. The large, heart-shaped leaves can be enjoyed all year round, so please take a moment to admire them.

Next, border-style plantings have been installed on the north side of the library, with a mixture of native perennial herbaceous plants called “Suisen(Narcissu), Syaga(Iris japonic), Yaburan(Liriope muscar), and Tsuwabuki (Farfugium japonicum). Although the area receives little sun on the north side, each of these four shade-tolerant species blooms in sequence in spring, fall, and winter, respectively. This time of year, the Syaga and Suisen are in full bloom. They can be admired from the library lounge as a close-up view. The Tabunoki(Machilus thunbergii) and Keyaki(Zelkova serrata) in the center of the square.

In front of the library, there is a Sazanka (Camellia sasanqua) planted, which will be introduced again during the blooming season.