[Open Call] SDGs Design International Awards 2023

Kyushu University would like to present the “Let’s Create Sustainable Future Design for Children!” ideas that students worldwide have contrived!
We will discuss “Create Sustainable Design Future for Children” in the world and in Asia with the intention to create an education where young people who are responsible for the future, have hope for the future, value life, and are peaceful and considerate of each other. We will share the “design” of the ideal education with students from Kyushu University and worldwide. The theme of this year’s SDGs Design International Awards, now in its fifth year, is “Create Sustainable Design Future for Children!” We are calling for creative ideas from all over the world! Multiple entries are also welcomed.

* The new corporate awards under Theme 2 have been selected for the 5th SDGs Design International Awards.

Schedule (Japan Time)
Application Period…July 1 – October 15, 2023, Japan Time
Announcement of First Review Results for theme 1…End of October, 2023
Announcement of Final Review Results for theme 1…Middle of November, 2023
The Award Ceremony…December, 2023(final date to be announced)

Theme1: Let’s Create Sustainable Future Design for Children!
Gold Award 300,000 yen
Silver Award 100,000 yen
Bronze Award 50,000 yen

Theme2: Let’s Create Sustainable Future Design for Children with the Companies!
Corporate Awards 50,000 yen each
Solving social issues cannot be achieved by one person alone; cooperation with companies and the local community is also necessary. What can companies do to support raising children? We are looking for ideas for events, tools, apps, systems, facility designs that address this issue.

Corporate Award 1: KM Biologics Award 
Ideas to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination for the wellbeing of people around the world, especially children.   
Corporate Award 2: Yuko Lucky Group Award 
Ideas for those married and unmarried, Whether you have children or not, Ideas for joyfully raising children who are full of smiles.

Theme 1 & 2: Special Award for High School Student(s)
Special Online Campus Tour by Kyushu University (planned)
Special award(s) for high school students will be given to the best design proposal(s) submitted.

Please design according to the given theme and use the entry form provided on the website. The entry form can be downloaded by clicking on the “Submit Your Entry” button on the website.
For more information, please refer to SDGs Design International Awards.

Sponsored by Kyushu University, Faculty of Design, SDGs Design Unit, and Kyushu University / Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University
Co-sponsored by Kyushu Shiawase Kyoso Labo (Kyushu Happiness Co-creation Lab; KYUSHU HAKUHODO) / Dongseo University ASIA DESIGN CENTER FOR FUTURE
Cooperated by Cumulus Association / International Office, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University / Beijing Institute of Technology

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