【Exhibition】Yutaka Makino Three Apparatuses

To celebrate the grand opening of the Design Library, we are pleased to present a series of exhibitions by four artists from the Graduate School of Design and the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University. The artists will present their works in the new Visual and Audio Lounge, which was built in conjunction with the renovation. The first exhibition with the title Three Apparatuses presents works by Associate Professor Yutaka Makino of the Faculty of Design.

With his environmental and experiential works, Makino’s work challenges us to reflect on our understanding of human perceptual processes. In this exhibition, the “three apparatuses” function as attractors which choreograph the visitor’s movements in the darkened space:

Visual and Audio Lounge
The Design Library
Kyushu University

Opening Hours
July 3rd – July 14th, 2023 (Except Saturdays and Sundays)
10:00 – 17:00

Faculty of Design, Kyushu University
*2021 University Reform Activation Program, Kyushu University
Design Library, Kyushu University

Yutaka Makino
Yutaka Makino has been creating environmental works that explore human perception by providing unique experiences based on his interdisciplinary research. Since 2021, he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University.