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Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science

We aim at establishing a new research area, perceptual science. Perceptual research has often been performed as parts of different disciplines, mainly psychology, physiology, and informatics. All these disciplines are connected closely to each other in the new interdisciplinary area.

It is of vital importance to understand how humans gather and structuralize information related to the interaction between environments and humans; humans need a lot of information in order to adapt to environments. Each of our members is expected to cultivate new research fields when necessity arises, which will enable very efficient interdisciplinary cooperation. The Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science (ReCAPS) has a keyword “perception” to organize researchers who each cover more than one specialized field. They are supposed to perform perceptual research keeping the viewpoints of different fields: perceptual psychology, cognitive science, brain science, signal processing, mathematical science, informatics, etc.

We will promote the idea that sharing frontiers between different academic areas creates new collaboration and new frontiers. This will be our strong message to the present world with a great diversity of values. The new research system will influence our students as well as experienced researchers. They will be encouraged to obtain and cumulate knowledge from different research fields.