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Campus Facilities and Institutes

Digital Workshop

This workshop provides a variety of equipment and software used to create digital images, including the following for producing high-quality content and archive.

Multi-Faceted Photography Studio

This is a full-fledged studio equipped with a spherical horizon making possible programming a variety of lighting conditions.

3D Body Digitjzer

This digitizer can measure an object of up to 1.5 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height.It can also record three-dimensional data of a large object,including information about texture.This device in Kyushu University is one of only three such devices in Japan. It is also mounted with a high-density digitizer for partial use.

Motion Capture Equipment

This system can retrieve 3D positioning information from infrared rays spontaneously beamed from several devices attached to a subject, such as a human being, thus making possible real-time animation.

Special-purpose Computers

This workshop is equipped with high-speed graphic computers to deal with the production of various contents, as well as software related to multimedia and other output formats.