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Rows of machine tools, roaring circular saws, and grinders and welding equipment throwing off sparks give the design workshop the appearance of a messy factory, but this is in fact the very place where many decorative art objects are produced. Actually, most of the monuments, art objects, architectural structures, and design competition models which are found on the Ohashi Campus were created in this workshop.

The students in the School of Design learn basic production methods and the production of machine tools for experiments focused on each department. Students are given opportunities for actually creating things, from training assignments to graduation projects. Practice in basic manual techniques and production processes using familiar materials such as paper, stone, wood and iron allows you to foster a rich sensibility to forms and materials.

In addition, through the production of designs on assigned themes in the specialist training, students gain first-hand experience embodying ideas, which is the essence of “designing”. From small articles of stationary and tableware to landscape architecture surrounding the city, whether the creation is large or small, every work that is produced here originates in the personality and creativity of students and is the crown of their labors.

The Design Workshop aims to be the place which backs up your creative efforts and fosters your sensibility, bringing to fruition your individuality and talents.