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Design Library

This library is a three-story building (1,835m2). All the operations are computerized and a visitor needs an ID card with a bar code, such as a student ID. On the first floor, there are a circulation desk, search facilities, a browsing area for journals and magazines, a newspaper corner, a reference books area (indexes for academic information and reference books), and a rare books area (rare books and large-sized collections). In addition, services for users such as reference use, information search and photocopying are available here.

The second floor has two open-stack reading rooms. One is for design and engineering and the other is for the natural sciences. They function as the main reading rooms in this library.

The third floor consists of a reading room (academic journals), a seminar room, open-stack shelves (humanities and social sciences, and magazines back issues), sound-proof video-viewing areas, audio-visual rooms equipped with AV booths and microfilm-readers. This floor meets diversified needs for research seminars, group study and audio-visual use.