SDGs Design School: Exploration 1.0

The SDGs Design School: Exploration 1.0 is an output that articulates the collaboration project between the SDGs Design School, in the SDGs Design Unit in the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, and Fukusho High School in Fukuoka City.

The current world is challenged by rapid climate changes and technological advancements that bring environmental and social issues and political instability. The way we educate our younger generation needs to change. One way is to re-design the education experience in the classrooms through design-based learning.

Using design-based learning, students may be taught how to solve real-world problems that are ill-defined through design thinking. The SDGs Design School started collaborating with Fukusho High School in 2019 to pilot small-scale design workshops for small groups of high school students. After several pilot workshops conducted in 2019 and 2020, large-scale design-based learning in the form of the SDGs Challenge Project was introduced to all 3rd-grade students using the Period of Inquiry-based Cross-Discipline Study in Fukusho High School in 2021.

In 2022, SDGs Challenge Project is now part of Fukusho High School’s flagship program in the school curriculum. Fukusho High School is currently a designated model school for running design-based learning in the Period of Inquiry-based Cross-Discipline Study in Fukuoka City.

We present to you SDGs Design School: Exploration 1.0. We hope you will enjoy reading this handbook. May it provide you with ideas to further improve the educational experience of our students in the classrooms.