Seasonal Flowering Clock

The plants of this art garden are designed to bloom in sequence over the course of a year.The garden was created at Kyushu University (in front of Big Orange, Ito Campus) for the GYA (Global Young Academy Conference) “Rebalancing Sensitivity and Reason, Revitalizing Science for Inclusivity and Sustainability” to be held in June 2022. It was inspired by the creation of the “Kurokawa Recovery Garden” to support the recovery from the torrential rain disaster in northern Kyushu (2017).They are intended to evoke our imagination about the cycles of nature and time, and to pass on the vegetation of the present to future generations.The plants are native species to the biodiversity reserve of Kyushu University. The garden is also marked with north, east, west, and south, and is designed to help visitors feel a connection to the stars, the sunrise and sunset, and the position of Polaris.This garden is a homage to the Shugendo mandala that expresses that we are all connected and this great relationship keeps us alive. This art garden will evoke in people’s minds an image of the cycles of nature and time, and is a way to pass on the vegetation of the present to future generations.

Art Garden; Seasonal Flowering Clock with 12 Months and 4 Directions
Artist : Mikako Tomotari (Faculty of design, Kyushu University)
Landscape Architecture:Munakata Ryokuchi Kensetsu Co.
Video Production:Kyushu University Tomotari Laboratory